We are young organization that specializes in the field of commercializing and importing children's supplies and toys since 2005 operating as an institution for which the legal entity has been changed to finally emerge as Quality Toys Co. for children's toys and supplies.

Our message

We operate for the sole purpose of communicating joy to our customers (children - parents) in terms of providing a handpicked variety of children's toys at reasonable prices and ensuring they contribute to the development of children’s cognitive abilities.

We also seize every opportunity to participate in children's charitable exhibitions so we can impact our society as positively as we can.

What distinguishes us?

- Quality: - The quality of our products, their diversity, and their suitability for all types of customers, as our suppliers vary from several countries, notably America, Poland, China, Taiwan and Dubai.

- Standards: - We make sure we handpick our merchandise ourselves, without being influenced by what’s present on the local market, as our policy is to go to the different countries that make children's toys and select the very best.

- Sales service: - Our excellent customer service that rests on a heavily qualified sales team that is under direct supervision from the sales manager and the directives of the general manager on a regular basis so we can always be of assistance.

Our policy

Keeping pace with all that is modern in the world market, developing innovation and attending children’s exhibitions.

Our goal

We aim to spread around and be present in all areas of Kuwait and professionally enable e-commerce.

Business administration

The direct and full supervision of the general manager of the company

And the sales manager’s supervision on sales, finance and purchases

Making sure the company's employees and sales team are always at their best.

Developing the skills of delivery personnel and aid workers so they can be always be an asset to be reckoned upon.

With an accountant and storekeeper to keep all the paperwork up to date.